Introductory Microeconomics and Statistics for Economics By TR Jain & VK Ohri & Business Studies By Poonam Gandhi

Author(s): T R Jain, V K Ohri, Poonam Gandhi

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 11

Subject(s): Economics / Business Studies

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About the book

‘The Same but Different’: Revised and restructured on positive feedback, the

Microeconomics Textbook is all geared up to provide its readers step by step comprehension of the subject matter.

Novelties of the text include:


  • Test Your Understanding Segments are incorporated wherever necessary to facilitate quick review of concepts learned in the text.


  • (Image/Data interpretation, defend and refute type questions etc.) have been incorporated in each chapter.
  • ‘BRAIN TEASER’ BLOCKS: to test logical clarity and implication based learning.
  • Implication based questions related to current happenings around have been incorporated in each chapter. These help gauge the inferences the students are able to draw from the text and how easily they are able to relate economic theory to the ground level realities.


  • HOTS & Focus Zones
  • DAV Board Question Paper (Solved)
  • Sample Paper By “VK Global Study Group” [A specimen paper woven along the same structure and blueprint as suggested in the CBSE released Sample Question Paper-2023.]

Examination Questions (Previous year questions) released by the CBSE board have been included within the chapter.< >

4. Flow charts and examples have been provided wherever necessary.

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