Lab Manual Mathematics, Science (HB) With Worksheet (Set of 2 Books)

Author(s): Prabhakar Ray, Surbhi Mittal

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 09

Subject(s): Mathematics / Science

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About the book

The Lab Manual has been prepared in accordance to the latest syllabus as prescribed by CBSE.

This book provides a better understanding of various concepts in a simple and lucid language.

Descriptions of some laboratory equipment are given along with their figure and uses in the beginning of the book.

Viva questions with answers pertaining to each experiment have been compiled to help the students prepare for viva voce.

Graphs and diagrams have been drawn and labeled properly.

The procedural steps to be followed in various experiments have been systematically and logically arranged.

Both the Handbooks include worksheets for practicals.

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