Xam idea Science, Social Science, Mathematics Complete Course Book | Set of 3 Books

Author(s): Editorial Board

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 07

Subject(s): Mathematics / Science / Social Science

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About the book

1. This book has been prepared in accordance with the latest NCERT textbook.

2. This book provides a better understanding of various concepts in a simple and lucid language.

3. Solved NCERT Textbook Exercises and NCERT EXEMPLAR problems have been incorporated at proper places.

4. Includes all typology of questions based on NCERT- Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions and Long Answer Questions.

5. More emphasis on CBSE Competency-based Questions (As per NEP) instead of rote learning – MCQs, Match the Following, Fill in the Blanks, True or False, Assertion- Reason Questions, Case-based Questions, Picture-based Questions and Activity-based Questions.

6. Self Assessment has been given at the end of each chapter to practice and evaluate students’ understanding.

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