Xam idea Sanskrit

Author(s): Editorial Board

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 10

Subject(s): Sanskrit

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About the book

  • Modeled on updated syllabus and guidelines as prescribed by CBSE for the session 2023-24.< >

  • Different typologies of questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Very Short Answers, Short Answers,s and Long Answer Questions, are given.< >

  • Includes selected questions from the NCERT textbook and NCERT< >Exemplar.< >

  • Contains ample number of previous years questions.< >

  • Toppers' Answers and CBSE marking Scheme for some selected previous year questions have been provided as a sample for the students.< >

  • Case Study Based Questions, Competency-Based questions, Questions from CBSE Question< >Bank, and Assertion Reason Questions are given as per CBSE guidelines.< >

  • Proficiency Exercise and Self Assessment including different types of questions as per the latest examination pattern given for practice and self-evaluation of the students.< >

  • Includes solved CBSE Sample Paper- 2024< >and CBSE Examination Papers-2023 to give students an idea about board examination.< >

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This book is written with great zeal and alertness to fulfill the needs of the students for the academic year, 2023-24.

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